6-1 win over Ballistic United SC

6-1 wins over Ballistic United SC

San Jose City FC keep the momentum going. Making it two wins in a row. San Jose traveled to Pleasanton to take on Ballistic United Soccer Club. The game was in a nice little stadium and a very wide field. The San Jose got off to a good start as Andres Jimenez scores the first from a cross for Joe Kay in the first 5 minutes. 5 minutes afterwards San Jose score their second by Alex Aguiar form Sam Agosti. Alex Aguiar goes on to score 3 more goals to make a total goal count four goals from him. Assists from Andres Jimenez to feed Alex 3 times for goals. Joe Kay finishes the scoring off with a run through by Louis Bellido who takes on the goal keeper but slips and collides hard into the keeper. The ball pops out and Joe Kay picks up the ball and passes it in to make it 6. Ballistic score on a corner with a deflection off San Jose. Both keeps played well and took care of any shots. Kyle Schuman, Brandon Gillingham and Matt Golbranson were solid in the back not allowing them to get in behind the back line.

"It was a good performance by the group. As a team that has been only training for a couple of weeks and all the players coming from different systems. Getting everyone to understand their roles and ordinating movements is coming a long. I though we had a better understanding in the 2nd half and possessed the ball better and defended more as a coordinated group," said coach Charlie Hatfield.

Sunnyvale Alliance Soccer Club Night Saturday June 16th.

San Jose City FC welcome the Sunnyvale Alliance Soccer Club to the June 14th home game. As the Alliance will get to walk out with the players during the player introductions. Hopefully their support will help San Jose take on San Ramon FC. San Jose played San Ramon in last years semi final and was able to get a 2-1 victory. It should be a tough match.

Individual ticket at the door for $5 and Sunnyvale Alliance players that wear there jersey top get in free.

Next Home Game Saturday 6/14 @ 7:00 pm
at Kings Academy High School.
562 N. Britton Ave., Sunnyvale. 

5-0 Win to start the Season

Kicking Off with a 5-0 Win

San Jose City FC win the first game of the 2018 season with a 5-0 win over Monterey County in the San Jose home opener. Luke Andrews  and Eric Verso score twice and a goal by Sahr Mattia to get the total to 5. 
"It was nice to see things come together. It was a good performance just out of the gate. A strong defensive team effort to get the shutout.  After 9 months of scouting, preparing to play in the new location of The King's Academy H. S. and all the paper work it was nice to see the product on the field." said coach Charlie Hatfield. 

Next Home Game

San Jose City FC hit the road next weekend as they take on Semi Finalist Ballistic SC on 6/9/18. San Jose return home to take on San Ramon FC at 7:00 pm at The Kings Academy in Sunnyvale on Saturday 6/16/18. Hope you can come out and support us. 

Fresno FC vs San Jose City FC 2-1


What a great experience for the players of San Jose City FC. We were invited to Play Fresno FC which is the new USL pro team in Fresno. (The USL is the US 2nd division pro league.) Fresno FC is in their preseason, and they have been training for about 3 weeks preparing for their season. We are on the other hand are mostly a college player based team. NCAA does not allow the active college players to play until May 1. We had a few guys that had finished up college and invited a couple of guys in to fill out a roster. Only after training a couple of times we held our own vs the pros. This was pretty impressive if you think about it. We did a lot of defending, but we also created some good chances. Fresno scored on us with a corner and a goal during the run of play. In the second 1/2 we were able press them when they were playing out and win the ball for a quick counter to get a goal. 

One our missions at San Jose City FC is to give an opportunity to prepare for the next level. Putting our players in the environment to see the next level and see how they can do. This helps the players improve by playing in this environments and by using it as a measuring stick of where they are as players. It was a great opportunity. We really thank Fresno FC for letting us come down to play. We look forward to doing more games like this in the future and look forward to our season that will kickoff in June.

San Jose City FC win over Pajaro Valley 9-0.

(Marte Formico)

(Marte Formico)

It’s hard enough to face San Jose City FC with a full squad, which makes it even harder to face the squad undermanned. 

Pajaro City United learned the hard way arriving at Evergreen College with just 10 men and losing 9-0 to the undefeated home side.

“Over time we’ve gotten to know each other and things have gotten better and better,” said Louis Bellido.

The winger Bellido got the party started in the 8th minute when he received a cross on the ground from the left side, took a touch, turned , and fired it past the goalie who just managed to get his finger tips on it.

(Dylan Carruba)

(Dylan Carruba)

In the 22nd minute, defenseman Dylan Carruba scored the second of the game for San Jose City FC on a well-placed header on a ball that was sent back into the box after an unsuccessful setpiece on the left side of the penalty box.

Carruba’s goal opened the floodgates.

Salifu Jatta added two more to his season total while Miguel Bermudez and Alijandro Alcaraz also added on to San Jose City FC’s lead, making it 6-0 before the halftime whistle. 

“Coming off from a weekend we didn’t play, I was looking forward to this one,” Bermudez said.

As the second half began, Pajaro Valley United, had a late player come on to make it 11v11.

It didn’t do much good.

Nate Shue and Ben Reveno scored in the second frame to make it 8-0, but it was Jamison Loveless’ number 9 which was the highlight reel goal.

35 yards out from the opponents net, Loveless received the ball and immediately looked up. He saw the goalie off his far off of his line and chipped it over the opposing keeper.

The goaltender didn’t even make an effort on the perfectly placed shot.

Pajaro City United did what they could to contend with the league-leading San Jose City FC, but throughout played a chippy, aggressive game.

The game was called several minutes early after a Pajaro player made a late tackle on San Jose City’s goalkeeper Ian Valdivia resulting in an automatic red card. Minutes earlier the same player was given a warning, then a yellow card.

(Ian Valdivia gk)

(Ian Valdivia gk)

In all, Pajaro Valley FC received two red cards and two yellow cards in the contest compared to a clean slate from San Jose.

“They came out to aggressive for having 10 players,” Bermudez said. “We just waited for them to get tired and then we outplayed them.”


Sunday Game results.

San Jose City finish with a good result over Simple FC out of Palo Alto with a 7-1 win. San Jose dominated the game for the opening whistle. "The players are starting to understand their roles and jobs with in the formation that they are playing. It is always a process of taking players from different team that are playing different ways to get everyone on the same page. It just take some time. We have see a big improvement over the first 3 games." said Coach Hatfield. In the game wide players Miguel Bermudez on the left and Evan Sanchez on the right got down the flanks and wiped crosses in for players to attack. Fifteen minutes in Darren Sinclair dribbles down the line and sends a hard cross into a crowded box. The Simple FC defender lunged at it to block the on coming San Jose players but the ball deflected and goes in his own goal. Twenty six minutes in Evan Sanchez dribbles through several defenders and scores the second. At the forty one minute mark Joe Bastian scores from an assist from Luke Andrews. Second half starts out with a come back raillery from Simple FC as they counter with a quick player to score to make it 3-1. This goal only makes San Jose more focus again and they go ahead in put in another four goals. Goals come from Salifu Jatta, Joe Bastian off a corner from Darren Sinclair, Ahmed Mohammed, and Miguel Bermudez. 


With this result and the other league results it puts San Jose City FC in fist in their division. The top team each of the three divisions go to playoffs plus the best 2nd place finisher over the all three divisions. San Jose City FC have a big match on Friday  June 23rd at 7:30 pm at Evergreen Valley College to take on 2nd place JASA which is out of Redwood City.

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