Fresno FC vs San Jose City FC 2-1


What a great experience for the players of San Jose City FC. We were invited to Play Fresno FC which is the new USL pro team in Fresno. (The USL is the US 2nd division pro league.) Fresno FC is in their preseason, and they have been training for about 3 weeks preparing for their season. We are on the other hand are mostly a college player based team. NCAA does not allow the active college players to play until May 1. We had a few guys that had finished up college and invited a couple of guys in to fill out a roster. Only after training a couple of times we held our own vs the pros. This was pretty impressive if you think about it. We did a lot of defending, but we also created some good chances. Fresno scored on us with a corner and a goal during the run of play. In the second 1/2 we were able press them when they were playing out and win the ball for a quick counter to get a goal. 

One our missions at San Jose City FC is to give an opportunity to prepare for the next level. Putting our players in the environment to see the next level and see how they can do. This helps the players improve by playing in this environments and by using it as a measuring stick of where they are as players. It was a great opportunity. We really thank Fresno FC for letting us come down to play. We look forward to doing more games like this in the future and look forward to our season that will kickoff in June.

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