Sunday Game results.

San Jose City finish with a good result over Simple FC out of Palo Alto with a 7-1 win. San Jose dominated the game for the opening whistle. "The players are starting to understand their roles and jobs with in the formation that they are playing. It is always a process of taking players from different team that are playing different ways to get everyone on the same page. It just take some time. We have see a big improvement over the first 3 games." said Coach Hatfield. In the game wide players Miguel Bermudez on the left and Evan Sanchez on the right got down the flanks and wiped crosses in for players to attack. Fifteen minutes in Darren Sinclair dribbles down the line and sends a hard cross into a crowded box. The Simple FC defender lunged at it to block the on coming San Jose players but the ball deflected and goes in his own goal. Twenty six minutes in Evan Sanchez dribbles through several defenders and scores the second. At the forty one minute mark Joe Bastian scores from an assist from Luke Andrews. Second half starts out with a come back raillery from Simple FC as they counter with a quick player to score to make it 3-1. This goal only makes San Jose more focus again and they go ahead in put in another four goals. Goals come from Salifu Jatta, Joe Bastian off a corner from Darren Sinclair, Ahmed Mohammed, and Miguel Bermudez. 


With this result and the other league results it puts San Jose City FC in fist in their division. The top team each of the three divisions go to playoffs plus the best 2nd place finisher over the all three divisions. San Jose City FC have a big match on Friday  June 23rd at 7:30 pm at Evergreen Valley College to take on 2nd place JASA which is out of Redwood City.

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