Sitting Out 2019

San Jose City FC will be sitting out from playing this summer of 2019. After 2 years of back to back titles we are looking to move to a higher league. To do so we need to get the off the field items organized better like sponsors, community support and raising money. The USL League 2 and NPSL are not cheap to play in but if you can get fan support, sponsors and front office going it is a realistic goal.

We hope you tune back in to see the next phase of San Jose City FC as we grow a club in the community for the community.


Charlie Hatfield

President San Jose City FC.

San Jose City FC Win the League


San Jose City FC took on Ballistic SC in their final home game of the season. It was a critical match for San Jose as  they were 6-1-0 in the season with 18 points. San Ramon had 2 more games left and was sitting at 12 points. The game did not get off to a good start for San Jose. Eighteen minutes in, a poor clearance by San Jose and Ballistic capitalized by scoring. San Jose rallied 3 minutes later. Uriel Ayala played Luke Andrews in and Luke put the ball in the back of the net. Less than five minutes later San Jose played a great series of one and two touch passes which Joe Kay found Luke Andrews with a pass in behind the defense. Luke put away his second goal. The first half ended with San Jose up 2-1. 


The second half went back and forth for both teams each creating chances. With seventeen minutes left in the game Miguel Bermudez ran down the line from the left back position beating Ballistic defender on the dribble in a break away.  Patric Burke sprinted to get in front of his defender to get on the end of Miguel’s cross to hit home the third goal. Now San Jose was catching Ballistic on the break as they tried to get back a goal. In injury time Miguel again got on the end of a long pass to get behind the Ballistic back line and served a great cross as Edgardo Cuellar raced from the central back position and dove, but his shot hit the post and bounced out and Patric Burke was there to put it in, making the final score 4-1. 


This gave San Jose the league Championship two years in a row. It has been a great experience working with this group of young men this season. The season is a little over two months but it takes 10 months of preparation to run this team, said coach Charlie Hatfield. I would like to thank all the guys who played and trained over the season. We used a large number of players for we had a lot of injuries and lot of guys out of town for summer vacation. 


Team Roster:

Aaron McNells, Alex Agular, Andres Jimenez, Andrew Robertson, Aoi Hernandez, Bobby Edwards, Brandon Gillingham, Brian Field, Carlos Arroyo, Collin liberty, Edgar Benitez, Edgardo Cuellar, Eric Verso, Evan Sanchez, Gabriel Escobar, Jacob Rast, Jeremy Zielinski, Joe Kay, Juan Torres, Kyle Halehale, Kyle Schumann, Louis Bellido, Luke Andrews, Matt Golbranson, Matt Jordon, Miguel Bermudez, Patrick Burke, Rodrigo Reves-Zavalza, Ryan Caro, Sahr Mattia, Sam Agosti, Tyler Chen, Uriel Ayala.  


San Jose City FC is made up of all volunteers. I would like to thank my coaching staff Orlando Betencor for his second season, and Chay Bardales for coming on board late in the season, Vania Betencor who helped with tickets at the gate, and most of all my wife Kiersten Wells who helped with tickets at the gate and puts up with me all season. I would like to also thank Angus Klein our number one fan. Harwood Orthopedics, and Toni Hodder Construction who helped sponsor the team. A big thanks to all that came out to the games to cheer us on. 


Each year we try to grow our following. If you are interested in helping us by volunteering your time or financially sponsoring, let us know.



San Jose City FC Defete Sacramento United 3-1.

Bobby Edwards photo by Kalena Zamora

Bobby Edwards photo by Kalena Zamora

San Jose defeated Sacramento United Saturday night in an exciting 3-1 win to keep San Jose undefeated. "It was a good result. An all around performance by the team. We defended well and were dangerous in attack." coach Charlie Hatfield. With three of the four backs were new starters in the lineup showed the depth of the team. The scoring started out with a goal by Joe Kay. A ball gets laid back and Joe runs out of midfield to smack it home. Then a San Jose City FC player gets taken down box after breaking through and Alex Aguiar steps up puts away the PK. In the second half Sahr Mattia puts away a rebound to make it 3-0.  For most of the game San Jose managed the game through possession. Sacramento was only able to get a couple of shots and goal keepers Edgar Benitez in the first half and Rodrigo Reves in the second half grabbed any chances that Sacramento had. Sacramento put in a goal as the referee calls out that there is one minute of injury time. 

Next Home Game - Thursday 7/19 @ 7:30 pm. 

Help us grow our email list. You can text "sjcityfc" to 66866 and it will lead you through the sign up of our Supporters Club email News.

6-1 win over Ballistic United SC

6-1 wins over Ballistic United SC

San Jose City FC keep the momentum going. Making it two wins in a row. San Jose traveled to Pleasanton to take on Ballistic United Soccer Club. The game was in a nice little stadium and a very wide field. The San Jose got off to a good start as Andres Jimenez scores the first from a cross for Joe Kay in the first 5 minutes. 5 minutes afterwards San Jose score their second by Alex Aguiar form Sam Agosti. Alex Aguiar goes on to score 3 more goals to make a total goal count four goals from him. Assists from Andres Jimenez to feed Alex 3 times for goals. Joe Kay finishes the scoring off with a run through by Louis Bellido who takes on the goal keeper but slips and collides hard into the keeper. The ball pops out and Joe Kay picks up the ball and passes it in to make it 6. Ballistic score on a corner with a deflection off San Jose. Both keeps played well and took care of any shots. Kyle Schuman, Brandon Gillingham and Matt Golbranson were solid in the back not allowing them to get in behind the back line.

"It was a good performance by the group. As a team that has been only training for a couple of weeks and all the players coming from different systems. Getting everyone to understand their roles and ordinating movements is coming a long. I though we had a better understanding in the 2nd half and possessed the ball better and defended more as a coordinated group," said coach Charlie Hatfield.

Sunnyvale Alliance Soccer Club Night Saturday June 16th.

San Jose City FC welcome the Sunnyvale Alliance Soccer Club to the June 14th home game. As the Alliance will get to walk out with the players during the player introductions. Hopefully their support will help San Jose take on San Ramon FC. San Jose played San Ramon in last years semi final and was able to get a 2-1 victory. It should be a tough match.

Individual ticket at the door for $5 and Sunnyvale Alliance players that wear there jersey top get in free.

Next Home Game Saturday 6/14 @ 7:00 pm
at Kings Academy High School.
562 N. Britton Ave., Sunnyvale. 

5-0 Win to start the Season

Kicking Off with a 5-0 Win

San Jose City FC win the first game of the 2018 season with a 5-0 win over Monterey County in the San Jose home opener. Luke Andrews  and Eric Verso score twice and a goal by Sahr Mattia to get the total to 5. 
"It was nice to see things come together. It was a good performance just out of the gate. A strong defensive team effort to get the shutout.  After 9 months of scouting, preparing to play in the new location of The King's Academy H. S. and all the paper work it was nice to see the product on the field." said coach Charlie Hatfield. 

Next Home Game

San Jose City FC hit the road next weekend as they take on Semi Finalist Ballistic SC on 6/9/18. San Jose return home to take on San Ramon FC at 7:00 pm at The Kings Academy in Sunnyvale on Saturday 6/16/18. Hope you can come out and support us. 

Fresno FC vs San Jose City FC 2-1


What a great experience for the players of San Jose City FC. We were invited to Play Fresno FC which is the new USL pro team in Fresno. (The USL is the US 2nd division pro league.) Fresno FC is in their preseason, and they have been training for about 3 weeks preparing for their season. We are on the other hand are mostly a college player based team. NCAA does not allow the active college players to play until May 1. We had a few guys that had finished up college and invited a couple of guys in to fill out a roster. Only after training a couple of times we held our own vs the pros. This was pretty impressive if you think about it. We did a lot of defending, but we also created some good chances. Fresno scored on us with a corner and a goal during the run of play. In the second 1/2 we were able press them when they were playing out and win the ball for a quick counter to get a goal. 

One our missions at San Jose City FC is to give an opportunity to prepare for the next level. Putting our players in the environment to see the next level and see how they can do. This helps the players improve by playing in this environments and by using it as a measuring stick of where they are as players. It was a great opportunity. We really thank Fresno FC for letting us come down to play. We look forward to doing more games like this in the future and look forward to our season that will kickoff in June.

News about some of our Players

Andres Jimenez

Andres Jimenez

Since San Jose City FC will not play its season games until next summer, we will keep our fans up to date on how our players are doing in the fall with their respected college teams. The division 1 teams started off their season with games this last weekend. The division 2 schools will start official games this coming weekend. This is only some of the players that received minutes over the weekend.


Kyle Schumann

Kyle Schumann

Andres Jimenez gets 90 min & Kyle Schumann get in for Santa Clara’s Friday loss to Maryland Univ. (L 4-2) on Friday and West Virginia (L 2-0). Both were hard fought loses for Santa Clara Univ. Maryland ranked #6 in the nation.



Nick Carroll

Nick Carroll


Nick Carroll gets 90 mins in Cal Poly’s 2-0 loss vs Indiana ranked #7 in the nation on Friday and their 2-1 over time loss to Notre Dame ranked #10 on Sunday. Tough game but Nick played key roles in those games. 


Luke Andrews

Luke Andrews

Luke Andrews get minutes in St. Mary’s 0-0 tie vs UC Santa Barbra on Friday and played 49 mins in the 2-1 victory St. Mary’s over CSUN to start his Freshman year.



Marte Formico

Marte Formico

Marte Formico gets 90 min UC Davis’sloss to SMU on Friday and59 mins in the 3-1 win over Univ. of San Francisco. 



Ben Reveno

Ben Reveno


Ben Reveno gets in 22 min. on his Freshman season on Friday in UC Irvine 2-0 victory over Bakersfield.

San Jose City FC Win The Tittle

Victory Dinner with a few guys.

Victory Dinner with a few guys.

San Jose City FC win the Liga summer league!!! Saturday night San Jose defeated San Ramon 2-1 to give them the Championship. Goals by Louis Bellido and Ahmed Mohammed bring home the victory. "The team defended very well with all 11 players and Ian Valdivia in goal played great. It was a true team effort over the entire season to win the South Bay division and the the NorCal title. I could not have been happier to work with such a dedicated group that liked to train, and it showed in their play. We could grind teams down." Said coach Hatfield. Special thanks to to our social media staff of Tatiana Klien, Claire Haley, Alex Griffin, and Ryan Vermont. They worked very hard behind the scenes to make this work. Kalena Zamora took all the wonderful picture over the season.

Winning goal by Ahmed Mohammed

Winning goal by Ahmed Mohammed

The season of playing has ended and the majority of the players head back to their college, we will be hard at work to try to grow this project. We need your help to do that. Please forward this email on to others that you think they would like this information. (link is below) If everyone can get at least one person to sign up we can double our followers. 


Charlie Hatfield, President


San Jose City FC clinched the Liga South Bay division title, but not exactly how they would have expected. 

At around 3:00 p.m. on game day, the regular-season finale was called off because Simple FC couldn’t field a full team and therefore had to forfeit. San Jose was awarded a 3-0.

In its first year in the league, San Jose went undefeated in the regular season going 6-0-1 with a +21 goals advantage.

Now is when it really matters – playoff time. 

San Jose City FC will head north to Davis for its semifinals matchup where it will face either one of two other division winners or the 2nd place team with the most points of all three divisions.

The game will take place on July 29 at 6:00pm. 

If San Jose wins that game, it will play again the next day in the championship. Both games will be at the Davis Soccer Complex at 6:00pm.

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